Want to know what we think? We've been quite vocal in our award-winning group blog: Interesting Nonfiction for Kids.Now ending our third year there is a wealth of information and insights into nonfiction content and the the writing process. Below, we've included links to some of our most significant blogs for teachers. Read them for pleasure and feel free to comment on them on our discussion page.

By Vicki Cobb
How Do Teachers Use Our Books?
So Much Student Writing….Who Knew?
Good Writing Is Memorable: Scientific Proof
Good Teaching Bottled and Preserved
Great Discoveries While Researching

By Sue Macy
Age Appropriate

My Favorite Students
Getting Organized
That One Subject

By Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Nonfiction Books in the Classroom
Story Telling and Learning
Ink Think Tank's Newest Link

By David M. Schwartz
It’s “Math Lit” But Is It Good Lit?
Where’s the Math?
Pre-School through High School: Non-Fiction Picture Books Across the Grades
Poetry in Non-Fiction
Math Literature for the Older Set
How Much Is 700 Billion?

By April Pulley Sayre
How Do I Find Ideas? A Roundabout Answer
From Song To Book
Nonfiction Writing As a Way To Learn
Fish Art, Fish Writing: Nonfiction As a Springboard

By Rosalyn Schanzer
On Looking Good from the Waist Up Whilst Wearing Running Pants and Tennis Shoes
The Best Stories of All Time. Really!
The Art Part: Drawing Readers In
A Pinch of Salt
Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!!!

By Jim Murphy
Words from the Author (about Benedict Arnold)
Not Your Father’s History about War and Peace
A Letter to Readers (about //A Savage Thunder//)